About Me

I have  worked with my family most of my working life, my father having a broad knowledge of the shoe trade , opened up a shoe chain back in the early 1980s.

I actually had my first taste of retail experience by running my own market stall when I was a fresh 17 year old, shame we don’t have these types of markets anymore.

We had eight retail shops and a wholesale business supplying to the trade for many years. Over the years shopping habits changed and we found the trade to be much more difficult to make a living. With big changes to rent and rates eventually we made the difficult decision to close.

I continued to work in the retail trade for several more years but selling household goods and hardware which I enjoyed immensely. I also had a dabble selling online physical items which was enjoyable but very competitive. 

My brother decided to take up an offer of work with his father in law designing and retailing kitchens , I have also had an interest in this, completely different to what i was  used to!

We now have two kitchen studios which are still doing well although I seem to have more of a hands off role these days!